Review Policy

*Sorry, but I am currently on hiatus and will not be accepting any review requests until further notice*

What genres do I accept?
I will only accept books that are within the Young Adult genre. If your book is non-fiction, New Adult, Middle Grade or Adult, please consider requesting a review from another blog more suitable to the genre of your book.

I currently do accept self-published books.

Under YA, I will accept:

+Paranormal romance
+Contemporary romance
+Urban fantasy
+High fantasy/ epic fantasy
+Magical realism
+Science fiction
+Fairytale retellings

I do not accept:


I might consider (based on book description):

+Historical fiction

In which formats do I accept books for review?

I mostly prefer physical copies, but I live in Sri Lanka. If you wish to send me a physical copy of your book, please be aware of shipping expenses.

If you wish to send me an ebook, I accept them in .MOBI format (compatible with my Kindle).

What can you expect from me as a reviewer?

I do not go into deep literary analysis in my reviews. Instead, I will share my opinion of the book based on how I feel about it. You are welcome to read through some of my reviews to understand my style.

Review will be cross-posted on Goodreads and, if requested, Amazon.

The time taken for me to review your book can take from two days to four weeks, but ARCs will be given priority and the reviews will be posted about a month around the date of release.

What should you include in your review request?
Please include:

+Summary/blurb of the book
+The genre of the book
+A link to its Goodreads page
+Release date

Things you should know:
  • It may take up to a month for me to review your book.
  • I am honest in my reviews, so I may post a negative review of your book, and although I aim to be constructive, I will not always be nice in my reviews. If you are not prepared for that possibility, consider requesting a review from another blogger.
  • I am a member of Netgalley, so if your book is listed there, you are welcome to send me an invite.
  • I may not always respond quickly to your request. If I do not reply to your email in two weeks, then that would mean I have not accepted your request.
Where can I send my request to?

My email: ranu(dot)booklove(at)gmail(dot)com

This is not my personal email. Please refrain from sending any email to my personal address unless I contact you first.

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