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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hey, there, nerdlings! Now as you know, I've been on hiatus for more than a month, and while my life has been flying past, I realised that I'm very disconnected to my blog. Before my really long hiatus, blogging was a part of my life, but now that I stopped blogging, my blog feels very distant to me.

I sit down at the computer to write a new discussion post or a review, and I find that my brain is completely empty of ideas. No matter how much I try, every attempt for another post feels half-hearted.

So, to make that better, I decided to write this post, updating you guys on how my life has been, and slowly easing blogging back into my life. So this is what happened in my life for the past six weeks:

#1. EXAMS. Of course, what else? The O/L syllabus is hard, but despite moaning and groaning at the work being piled on us, I got good marks, and I'm very happy with myself!

#2. I was chosen to be a part of one of the biggest Interact projects the club does. Sadly, I'm not on the committee anymore, because my parents weren't happy with the workload that will come with it, so I was removed, but the feeling was great while it lasted!

#3. I've pretty much taken over coaching my church's quiz team for the upcoming Bible Quiz. And I am regretting it. The other team members take delight in harassing me, and I almost walked out of class once out of pure exasperation. It's frustrating, but I'm determined to get them with co-operate with me, and try to have fun and not let this ruin the quiz, which I usually love going for.

#4. I haven't read a single new book for the last five weeks. I just couldn't make it past the first chapter, although I still have quite a few review copies that need reading and reviewing. I decided not to stress myself into reading, and settled quite comfortably with a reread of The Hunger Games (which I hadn't read in over a year. All the things that happened which I had forgotten caused me utter shame!!)

#5. Our school celebrated the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, a celebration that is unique to us folks here in Sri Lanka. Avurudu (New Year in Sinhala) is celebrated on the 13th and 14th of April, but since that's in the middle of school holidays, they held it the day before they closed. My friends and I had lots of fun, dressing up in traditional clothing and eating traditional sweets at school.
This is my sister and I, all dressed up for Avurudu
#6. I have school holidays now. Whew! I can look forward to a month of relaxing and staying at home!

#7. I'm looking for a co-blogger for The Araliya Bookshelf. It's a big decision for me, but I know you guys will support me in this, especially since I can't run this blog on my own anymore. If you're interested, PLEASE don't be shy. You can apply after checking out this post.

And that's it! That's my life for the past five weeks or so!

what, did you really think you could get away without saying anything? tell me about you!! what did i miss? anything exciting happen?! how was YOUR life this month? tell me all, friends!!

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