The Araliya Bookshelf Just Turned One! (Plus A Giveaway For All My Lovelies!!)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

TODAY, my fabulous little nerdlings, is a completely wonderful, joyous day. ON THIS DAY, January 10th, 365 days ago, my humble little blog was created. Back then, it had 0 followers, 0 page views, 0 reviews and 0 discussion posts. But it GREW! It did! Despite my utter disbelief, IT GREW, and now it's ONE YEAR OLD! Isn't that fabulous?? Isn't that glorious? Gosh darn it I AM TOO HAPPY.

But not only is it my first blogoversary, I HAVE A NEW BLOG DESIGN (as you may have noticed)!!! I am eternally gratefully to the wonderfully talented Claudia for working hard on this design and putting up with me constantly changing my mind about almost EVERYTHING!

I liked my old design, and it was probably the one I stuck to the longest before changing it, but what better way to start my second year of blogging than with a fresh look?!

I know that one year isn't very much, relatively, and I'm still a bit of a newbie, but I'm just so happy! I've been blogging for A WHOLE YEAR, and that, to me, is amazing. So let's take a small lookie at our stats shall we?

As of January 10th, 2016, my blog has:

+ 103 followers on Bloglovin (another milestone! whoopee!!)
+ 68 followers on GFC
+ 12, 000 plus pageviews
+ 121 posts!! (122 if you count this one)

The most popular post of the year: What's Your Idea of A Cliffhanger?
Most popular review: Bookishly Ever After
My favourite review: Crown of Midnight
Favourite tag: Doctor Who Book Tag!

BUT all this is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, if not for the amazing people who have supported me in a hundred different ways, from leaving lovely comments to sending me compliments that touched my heart! So, obviously, I have to thank all of them!

Firstly, to my oldest teen blog buddy, Emily! It was such a relief to find another blogger who was around the same age as me, so THANK YOU, Em, for being so wonderful!

Then we also have all my lovely Sri Lankan blog buddies!

Mishma - who has amazing discussion posts and is someone I can always talk to.
Nuzaifa - who shares my feminist views and whom I'm slightly in awe of.
Ruzaika - who is so sweet and lovely and always makes me laugh!

Thank you so much, all the bloggers who give me constant support and were absolute sweethearts, especially Jillian, Noor, SJ, Kyra, Diana, Olivia, Cody, Kate L, Lara and Marian! All of you are so supportive, and your lovely comments have made many of my days!

Also thank to all the people who have lovely blogs, but mostly interact with me on Twitter! Kit Cat, Cait, Melanie B, Aimee, Claire, Jessica, Em,  Meleika, Claire, Angel, Tamara, Gabi, Aneequah, Aentee and Claudia!

Not forgetting some lovelies who followed me recently (or not so recently. My goldfish memory makes it hard for me to keep track), or I haven't interacted with all that much (YET!!) namely Alex, Aila, Mara, Zoe, Jess, Alexandra, Sarah KElla, Calliope, Trisha, Geraldine and my nerd-twin (honestly, IT'S LIKE WE SHARE THE SAME MIND), Kaelyn

I know I missed like a hundred other people, but if you're name isn't in this post, I swear I didn't forget you! I love ALL my blog buddies, so here's a thank you to YOU, yes YOU, for reading this post, and whether you're visiting for the first time or the fiftieth, please know that you are a wonderful human being and I appreciate you! Thank you so much!

And now it's GIVEAWAY time!!

  1. You have to be over 13 years old or have your parent's permission to share your address to enter.
  2. You can enter as long as The Book Depository ships to your country. You can see their list of countries here.
  3. You will be disqualified if you cheat. I'll be checking entries.
  4. I won't be held responsible if your prize is lost or damaged when it is shipped to you.
And now HERE IT IS: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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