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Wednesday, January 6, 2016
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I already did a tag, not long ago, but when I saw this tag on Gabi's blog, I just KNEW I had to do it. I'm a HUGE Abba fan. I don't care that it's waaay before my generation, I don't care that it's too old, I don't care that it's "not cool" for someone my age to listen to Abba, I. LOVE. THEM. Fullstop. So obviously, I had to do this tag.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure who created this tag, but they got some of the names of the songs wrong (as any ardent ABBA fan will tell you). I do understand that this tag was supposed to be based off the movie "Mama Mia", but still, I just can't do this tag with wrong song titles!

Take A Chance On Me
A book you unexpectedly liked

I'm not a huge fan of YA mysteries and thrillers. They go out of my comfort zone, and I was hesitant to pick this one up, but surprisingly, I LOVED IT!! I'm so happy I took a chance on this!

The Winner Takes It All
An Overhyped Book

I know John Green fans everywhere are gasping, but sorry, I didn't like it. It completely failed to keep my attention, and I was so. BORED. To be fair, though, it IS classified as Upper YA, so maybe I'll like it if I give it a try later in life! (And John Green fans, put those pitchforks down. I still loved TFioS.)

An amazing historical fiction

Actually, historical fiction is pretty out of my comfort zone, too. But this book was so SAD and AMAZING and PAPA!! (Not forgetting Rudy!!)

You're Only A Child Does Your Mother Know?
A recently published book (that I loved)

That's one of the incorrect song titles. But that fact aside, SoC is not very recent (technically, it was an year ago, haha), but this was the most-recently published book I own. And *STARRY EYES* Leigh Bardugo is AMAZING! I will now automatically buy any book she writes!

I Have A Dream
A favourite, 'ideal' book

Ahh, assassins, competitions, fantasy, wonderful friendship, the perfect romance...sigh. I'd actually like to combine ToG AND Crown of Midnight, since I'm on Team Chaol, and I NEEDED CHAOLENA, LIKE, LAST YEAR.

Dancing Queen
A book with royalty

(Why do I have the image of a red queen dancing to ABBA in my head?) In case the title didn't tip you off, Red Queen is all about royalty! Queens, kings, charming princes (not saying anything more about the princes because spoilers, but MAVEN!! *wink, wink*), palaces, balls, the whole shebang.

Money, Money, Money
A book you'd pay good money for.

I need this book. I DO. And I will pay WHATEVER IT COSTS to get it. Kestrel and Arin...MY DARLINGS.

Lay All Your Love On Me
A book that needs more attention

Shannon Messenger is a special kind of fabulousness. Her books are so funny, and they have such great romance, I don't know why these books aren't more popular!

Here We Go Again Mama Mia
A book that seemed to copy another book?

Umm, pass? It's a bit ironic that the song the WHOLE MOVIE is based on is the one that not only is titled wrong, but also misinterpreted! The song is not about "copying", it's a different idea that's portrayed through the lyrics. And I also don't feel like ruining the tag by modifying it to fit, so yeah, I'll pass.

A book that should fall in trouble and never be rescued.

Okay, so I know that I KEEP on professing my dislike of this book, to the point that I would actually be bashing it, but seriously. I hate it and the horribly abusive relationship it portrays.

Knowing Me, Knowing You
A book you know a lot about for whatever reason

Okay, again, misinterpretation. A better prompt for this would be "a book that disappointed you so much you wanted to break up with it". BUT, since it is the last prompt, I'm not going to be a persnickety old lemur. I shall answer!

Thanks to the huge (and I mean HUUGE) hype train, I know an incredible lot about this book, considering I haven't read it!

ALL ABBA FANS! I don't know anyone specifically, so I'm not naming names!

do YOU like "old" music from the 60s, 70s and 80s? or am i just a weirdly outdated teenager? did you watch the movie Mama Mia?? what did you think of it?!

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