Hello, 2016! What Can We Expect Of You This Year?

Friday, January 1, 2016
hello 2016 fireworks

2016 is going to be fabulous. I know, because I'm determined to make it so. I have so many plans and expectations for this year (you can read my goals here) and I'm positive I can make this year the best blogging year yet! 

So I have a few things planned out for 2016 (shocking, I know. Even I surprised myself with my preparedness). Here's what you can expect from me and the blog this year!

1. I will start doing SOME Top Ten Tuesdays! Not every week, but if the prompt is an interesting one, I will do it! Meme-lovers, you have something to look forward to!

2. I will start bi-weekly wrap-up posts! These posts will include what I posted in the last two weeks, life updates, blog posts I loved, quotes that struck me, and general bookish news! I think they'll be fun to write, and it'll help me keep in track of the blog!

3. I'll be having a blog event somewhere is April or May! I'm not sure what it is yet (because I'm a terribly unprepared, impulsive little blogger), here are some things you can know for sure: it'll help spread positivity in the blogosphere, I'll be looking for one (or even two!) more bloggers to co-host and help, and it will be loads of fun!

4. I'll be taking hiatuses in March, July and November because of exams. But don't worry! It'll only be for two weeks at the most, and I'll be back on track soon after!

5. I'm participating in Nori the Poodle's Commenting 365 Challenge. It's an awesome challenge, and a great chance to make new friends and find new bloggers! You can check it out HERE

6. I will start posting to a schedule! Cyra @ Rattle The Pages suggested it, and although I don't know if I'll stick to it for more than a week (I'm THAT bad at schedules!), I certainly will try!

7. AND, last but not least (and actually, BEST OF ALL), MY BLOGOVERSARY IS IN TEN DAYS!! WHEE!! I still haven't the faintest idea of what I'm going to say in my blogoversary post, and although I'd love to host a giveaway, I don't know if I can! (Please don't be disappointed! Someday...SOMEDAY). But I still intend to celebrate in style!

tell me, what do you think of these changes and events? do you have any tips for keeping to a schedule? are you as bad as it as i am?? (please, lord, don't let me be the only one!!) are you excited for the blog event (whatever the heck it is)?!

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