An Open Letter To The Book Blogging Community

Monday, January 25, 2016

Dear Book Bloggers,

Have I told y'all about how much I love you? How much I love this fabulous community that just shines with positivity and wondrousness? No? Well, I'm sorry. Let me make up for it by handing out free teddy bears and cheesecake. 

Now while everyone is enjoying their fabulous (and virtual) gifts, listen up. 

I know that our not-so-little-anymore community is not perfect. It has its ups and downs. There is jealousy. There is drama. There are a whole load of new problems that come up as the book blogosphere evolves. I get it. Although I myself am quite guilty of looking at this community through rose-tinted glasses, I do understand that these things shouldn't be swept under the rug.

I know we should speak up against the viciousness, prejudice and all the under-hand, bad things that, yes, DO exist in the book blogosphere. We can't improve this community if we ignore all of ugliness. That makes us just as guilty, because we're doing nothing to stop it.

But, for a moment, I want us to just embrace the community as it is. This community is made up of people (unless you happen to be an alien droid. In which case, I do beg your pardon), and people make mistakes. A lot of them. No one is perfect. I've seen so many book bloggers confess about how they're terrified of taking one wrong step. 

Is that really all it takes? One mistake and you're shunned by everyone? Is that really how this community works? Maybe. I'm not sure.

But shall we all take a moment and acknowledge the humanness in all of us? Pretty please? Just for a moment, let's think about all those weirdly crazy individuals who stay up late at night tapping away at their computer screens instead of sleeping like decently normal people (once you choose the life, you can never go back. BE WARNED).

I'm only writing this because I want you guys to know that I accept you, mistakes and all. This community has given so much to me. Many of you have made me so happy with all your support, comments and love. There are so many of you who are the best people I could ever talk to about books and blogging. So many of you have made me smile and giggle and sometimes laugh my head off with your snarkiness.

So I just want to say, thank you. Thank you so much for being such a great, positive community. And even when things are not so great, and not so positive, thank you for bouncing back from the ugliness and negativity, and making me so glad that I decided to join the book blogosphere.

Just thank you, guys. You rock. Truly.

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