Why Do We Read YA?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I suppose you could call me an avid reader of YA. 

WHO AM I KIDDING?? I'm a rabid, unrepentant, greedy guzzler of YA. One taste of The Hunger Games, and I was HOOKED. First I went through a serious phase of dystopia addiction. Then, I was introduced to the world of fantasy and pulled into the treacherous waters of contemporary. My bookshelves are lined with YA, more than half of the books on my Kindle are YA, and this very book blog I run is themed on YA books. 

Basically, I just really like YA.

And I know most of you do, too. (Come on, why are you even here reading my blog if not because of YA?) Unless you come here to observe my general fabulousness, which, I have to admit, makes perfect sense.
But sometimes, the YA genre isn't very much admired. People disregard the genre as something silly, shallow and pointless.
"You read those types of books?"

"Why don't you try some real literature?"

"Aren't those books a little too simple?"
I've heard some of these comments and more. And it's a bit annoying. If these people actually took some time to read proper YA books, they'd realise that YA is an amazing, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking genre.

You might have seen the whole kerfuffle with the #MorallyComplicatedYA hashtag on Twitter. Basically an author was claiming that YA novels weren't all that morally complicated, and HIS new YA book will be "more" morally complex than your average YA book.

I was NOT a happy camper when I found out what the hashtag was all about.

I can name ENDLESS books that are morally complicated. There are SO MANY YA books that explore concepts like morality, humanity, compassion, revenge, ambition, love, death. The themes are endless.

But not only does YA discuss these things, but it also discusses them in a way that's extremely relatable - to anyone! You don't have to be teenager to read YA. Plenty of adults love it, too. Books like Ender's Game, The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, Illuminae, Six of Crows, The Sky Is Everywhere explores SO many themes are so very important.

So I'll tell you why we read YA.

We read YA because it's beautiful.

We read YA because it can be thought-provoking.

We read YA because it's relatable.

We read YA because it completes us.

We read YA because it explores many social concepts in a way better than most other genres.

And most importantly, we read YA because IT'S JUST DARN AMAZING, OKAY??

why do YOU read YA? do you get annoyed when people dismiss the genre? isn't YA am amazing genre? any particular reason you have for loving YA? are you as passionate about YA as i am?? what do you think? tell all!

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