Review: Six Of Crows (Be Prepared For Thieves, Heists, Revenge And A Whole Lot Of Gushing On My Part)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Publisher: Henry Holt 
Release date: Sept. 29th 2015
Genre: Fantasy
SoC is my very first Leigh Bardugo, and let me tell you, I am FLOORED. There is nothing, I repeat nothing about this book that I didn't like, and that's amazing because THE BOOK LIVED UP TO IT'S HYPE! After reading this, I can't WAIT to get my hands on more of Leigh Bardugo's writing. (Grisha Trilogy, you better watch out!). So here's everything I loved about this wonderful, gorgeous book. (Also, BEWARE THE CAPSLOCK.)

#1. This book is about one big heist. THIEVES! HEISTS! CONS! SCAMS! LOVE 'EM ALL!! I'm obsessed with these types of things. I ADORE shows like Leverage and White Collar, and ironically, I'd just finished watching The Italian Job for the first time before reading Six Of Crows. I love seeing these criminal geniuses execute their elegantly crafted heists (should I be worried?), and Leigh Bardugo's characters performed exceptionally! Speaking of which...

#2. The CHARACTERS!! I. Am. Stunned. I know some people found all those POVs confusing, and I loved them ALL. I can't even tell you which one is my favourite because I LOVED THEM ALL!! Yes, even Wylan, who doesn't seem to be much of a favourite among the fans. Here's a breakdown of all my darlings:
  • Kaz Brekker. CRIMINAL GENIUS!! WOOT! WOOT! I love his utter deviousness, intelligence, cunning, his backstory, and his sheer lack of conscience (yep, I should definitely be worried).
  • Inej Gafar. The WRAAITH!! Inej is just plain awesome. She knows how to kick butt, and she's got a strong head on her shoulders. I ship her and Kaz with ALL MY SOUL.
  • Nina Zenik. I loved her sass and her attitude, but also her courage and somewhat twisted loyalty!
  • Matthias Helvar. He's this big blond brute who used to work for the Grisha-world equivalent of the Nazis, but now that I've finished reading, I see him as nothing more than a huge teddy-bear. A hulking great fluffy teddy-bear with a tragic past. Now I'm really beginning to worry myself. This book pulverises your mind.
  • Jesper Fahey. Jesper was a little bit less interesting than the rest, but he's the guy who provides comic relief when it's really needed, and I loved his backstory, too.
  • Wylan Van Eck.  He was annoying at first, but then he's cute, too. And I feel sorry for him.
#3. ROMAANCE!! ACTIOOON!! Romance and action. Or, romance vs. action. I don't care, I LOVED BOTH. This definitely one of those books where romance is not a very important, and action takes precedence, but both were so wonderfully written. My heart was beating so fast for more than half the book, and the romance... I WILL GO DOWN WITH THESE SHIPS!! 

#4. The clever plot twists. A book with a premise like this DEMANDS a complicated plot full of jaw-dropping twists and turns. Did it meet my expectations? HECK, YES! Leigh Bardugo does not spare her characters, and the heartbreak in this book is, well, heartbreaking.

#5. It was funny! This was a BIG plus point for me, especially since I wasn't expecting it! There were so many hilarious moments, and I chuckling to myself in the most inappropriate moments! You wouldn't expect a book like this to be so funny, but it IS.  Leigh knows exactly how and when to deliver humour, so WELL DONE, MA'AM!

#6. The ENDING!! Cliffhanger, beware!! My love/hate relationship with cliffies made me wonder if I should include this, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to end the book that way. I really can't imagine the book ending in any other way than it did, and, for a book of this type, that ending was PERFECTION. For my fragile little fangirl feels? Not so much, though.

AMAAAZIINNGG!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?? DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME SCREECH ABOUT IT'S AMAZINGNESS?? GO BUY THIS BOOK! I'd recommend it even if you didn't like the Grisha trilogy. It has thieves in it!! Thieves and heists and revenge and guns and magic and cake!! GO, NOW!!

did you read six of crows?? how awesome is it?! do you love books/shows about criminal geniuses?? (if you do,  i'd love some recs) are leigh's other books as awesome? DON'T YOU LOVE AMAZING CHARACTERS?!

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