My Goals For 2016

Monday, December 28, 2015

Woah, 2016 is in two days! When did that happen? One minute I'm nervously trying out book blogging, and the next, I'm just two weeks away from my first blogoversary! This year has gone by so  fast, I can hardly believe it! 

It's been a pretty fantastic year, overall. I met some incredible blog buddies, discovered a LOT of new books, watched my TBR climb higher and higher, took part in Twitter chats, blog events. I guest posted, started an Instagram, found three more Sri Lankan book bloggers, and reached a 100 followers on Bloglovin'! 

2015 has been an amazing blogging year, and I hope 2016 will only get better! I might not be very active though, and I apologise early for that! School starts in exactly a week, and I'm starting my first O/L year, so I'm going to be that much busier.

But despite it's busy-ness, I'm determined to maintain this blog, AND accomplish everything that is in store for me next year! Let's look at how I plan to use the next 366 days (2016 is a leap year! In my experience, leap years have been the best.)

Blogging and Books

1. Get better at scheduling posts and posting regularly. I'm so horrible at scheduling my posts. The most I've ever scheduled is 3, and I'm hoping to get at least a week ahead in my organising! I might not post a lot, but what I do post, I want to post at regular intervals. As it is, I currently go silent for days, and then bombard you with posts!

2. Write more personal posts. My attempt to write more personal posts near the end of this year failed miserably, and I promise to do better next year! (I'm starting to think that personal posts aren't my thing, but I won't give into that feeling until I've actually tried!)

3. Improve my Instagram account. I'm horribly inactive on Instagram, and I intend to fix that next year! I'm going to get better at photographing stuff (stuff, meaning mostly books, but other things as well.) I'm going to have a feed with some uniformity, and not just random photos!

4. Request physical ARCs. I do love Netgalley, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity of reviewing eARCs, but I want to try my hand at requesting physical ones. I've discovered that it's possible, even though I'm an international blogger, but I've been too scared to (I mean, emailing publishers? That's downright petrifying.)

5. Find new blogs to follow. I've been growing pretty complacent with my little collection of familiar blogs, and I want to spread out next year! Also, potential blog buddies! Making friends with more bloggers is awesome.

6. Comments, comments, comments! Leaving comments, replying to them, commenting back... I've been failing miserably at this lately, and I swear I'm going to improve next year!

7. Host a blog event. I'm not even sure what it'll be yet, and I have no idea if anyone would be interested in participating, but it's one of my top goals. It'll probably be during April, when I get school holidays and have a lot of time on my hands, so you guys can look forward to that!

8. Build up my collection of physical books. I have more than 300 books that I've collected on my Kindle, but I can hardly count 20 paperbacks and hardcovers. They ARE more expensive, and my mother probably won't be happy with this goal, but I'm going to use my birthday, Christmas and New Year money to buy them!

9. Be more active on Goodreads. I'm behind on my Goodreads challenge, but not because I haven't read enough books, but because I've been too lazy to update it! Now it's too late to find the books I'd forgotten to add to my challenge, and I might not make the challenge this year! I also want to review more on GR, and make more friends.

Life and School

1. Balance blogging with homework and exams. I'm going to be starting to study for my O/L exams next year, and it's pretty scary, because everyone makes a fuss about it (although I've been told that it's not as hard as they make it out to be). BUT, I'm determined not to fall back on neither homework nor blogging and be more organised next year.

2. Ace the All-Island Bible Quiz one last time. It's the last year I'll be able to participate in this (which is a pity because it's amazing fun), and I want to give it my all next year.

3. Take part in more debating tournaments. I went for just one this year (which is in itself amazing because usually, you don't get to go for tournaments when you're as young as I am. Our school was desperate to send someone - anyone - because it was being hosted by a sort-of "rival" school!), and I had lots of fun. It was exhausting, but fun, and I want to do it again next year!

4. Join a club or society at school. I currently belong to none, and I want to join just one next year. (No more than one, because it'll suck up all my time!)

5. Make more friends. My class is being shuffled next year, so the circle of friends I belong to this year would be scattered across the grade, but here's to making more friends in a new class!

6. Keep my shelves and my room neat and tidy. It technically isn't "MY" room because I share it with my brother, but I want to keep my end of it tidy, anyhow! I'm not a neat person, but I'm improving!

So there you go. It's been an amazing year, and I hope yours has been as incredible as mine has! Here's to 2016!

what are your plans for next year? isn't it amazing how 2015 went so quickly?? happy new year! :)

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