Sorry, Nerdlings! I'm Going On Hiatus

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I took quite some time thinking about this, and although I HATE to leave you guys, it must be done. November is a very stressful month for me because of the year-end exams which are SUPER-IMPORTANT. So, very reluctantly (and tearfully) I must bid you adieu.

BUT. On the bright side, it's only for a few weeks! I will be back by the 25th of November (a Wednesday, just incase you want to know), reading, reviewing, discussing, commenting and doing all the other lovely blogging things.

I won't completely disappear from the Internet, though. I'll be on Twitter occasionally, and all you guys are welcome to follow me or chat with me there! (And maybe offer me chocolate when I'm having a nervous breakdown because EXAMS, GUYS! They are the bane of my academic life)

So, goodbye for now, and see you in a few weeks!

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