Of Cabbages And Kings #1 | What I Do When I'm Not Reading

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hi, dear nerdlings! I'd like to announce the start to a new series of sporadic posts I'll be doing that will be on a more personal note than my usual ones. Posts titled "Of Cabbages And Kings" will include various random stuff in my life. These posts will include, (but are not limited to) life updates, other hobbies, non-bookish/blog-ish subjects and discussions that I want to share with you guys!

So, for my very first slightly-more-personal-than-usual post, I'm going to give you a list of things I do when I'm not blogging or reading! It wasn't easy to come up with this list, mind you. My life seems to be empty of anything much other than books and blogging. It's a bit pathetic.  But I have scraped together SOME stuff that would occupy my time if the end of the world happens and books and blogs didn't exist.

So if the end of the world was to happen and books/blogs were to disappear forever, here's a list of things that'd keep me occupied:

#1. I'd debate.

I love debating! I joined the school team this year, and went for my first-ever tournament, which happened to be exciting and terrifying and exhausting and educational all at the same time. We didn't win anything, unfortunately, but we had loads of fun! I love impromptu debates, but I'm not so fond of prepared ones.

#2. I'd make stuff.

Yeah, that was not vague at all. I've always liked doing arts and crafts, but I just don't have the time for them anymore. The big gaping hole in my book-less life would probably be partly filled with some handicrafts.

#3. I'd study more.

My exams loom nearer even as I type these words out guiltily, trying not to look at my pile of schoolwork. It's and enough to be completely engrossed in a really good book when life is busy. It's TORTURE when you have to stop to study (to STUDY, of all things!!).

#4. I'd write more. (Writing would be moot point since books wouldn't exist anymore, but you know I'm a rebel)

I know a lot of people who write more than they read, and let me confess right now that I'm terribly jealous of their willpower. I happen to be an extremely lazy writer. I start projects, abandon them for MONTHS on end, and then pick them up again when having a sudden burst of creativity, and forget them again. Please don't shake your heads at me in disapproval! I'm trying!

#5. I'd eat a lot of mangoes.

This goes without saying. MANGOES ARE DELICIOUS.

#6. I'd watch an overwhelming amount of crime shows. 

Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Perception, Person Of Interest, and anything else you might recommend to me. It's funny I watch so many crime shows when I don't read many crime books (unless it's Agatha Christie). This obsession probably took hold in my early days of Scooby Doo.

And that's all I can think of. Wow, my life really is pathetic without books. Hopefully, the world will stay in its comforting constancy and books will NOT disappear forever. (Maybe I should start writing a bookworm's guide to a world without books, just in case?)

what do you think of this post? was it personal enough to qualify as a "personal post"? *bites lip nervously* do you look forward to more posts like this? what stuff do YOU do when you're not reading?

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