How To Make The Blogosphere A Happy Place (Plus, I'M BACK!!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HELLOOO, EVERYBODY!! I can't tell you how amazing it it to be back blogging again, and I know you missed me! (You'd have better!) Exams were fine, and now I can go back to blogging again with minimal distractions. Thank you ALL so much for being understanding!

Anyway, today's post is intended to help spread a little positivity around the blogosphere. The drama these past few months has died down a little, but hey, little extra pieces of happiness should never be lacking!

So here's a few things you could do to make this wondrous place called the blogosphere a happy, friendly, welcoming, and overall, relatively drama-free place.

#1 Leave nice comments.

Comments are what FUELS a book blogger, I tell you. We treat comments on our blogs like gold ingots. We love getting them and hearing what our readers think. And we also try to have fun commenting back. But leave nice comments, ones that show you've actually read their post, not just "Cool post, here's mine". Tell them how you like the way they write, or how they made you laugh, or how they are just so. Darn. RELATABLE. Good comments are GOLD.

#2 Don't let ARC envy get the better of you.

Notice that I didn't say "don't get envious of ARCs". Sometimes you just can't help being a little bit jealous of another blogger receiving an amazing ARC. That's just the way it is. What I'm saying is, don't give into that ugly feeling and leave mean remarks on their posts or tweets. Be excited for them! Tell them how you are so happy for them! After all, it IS an amazing ARC. Or, if you can't say anything nice, just don't say anything at all.

#3 Randomly tell a blogger how amazing they are.

It's a small thing, but it can make their day. Just tweet something like "I LOVE XXX'S BLOG!" Sometimes book blogging can get a little lonely, especially when you're dealing with real life. A few kind words will brighten anyone's day, inspire them to blog better, and GIVES EVERYONE WARM FUZZIES. Who doesn't love warm fuzzies?

#4 Send out internet hugs to those who need it.

It's very easy to forget that, behind the computer screen, there actually is a real person, with real feelings, who has to deal with real-life situations. If someone you know seems to be kind of down, not enthusiastic about blogging, or generally different from their usual selves, make them feel better! Send cute cat gifs. Say something uplifting. Get a photo of your cutest teddy bear and share it with them. If you don't have a teddy bear, get someone else's teddy bear. (Though I will not be held responsible for future teddy bear kidnappers.)

#6 Have an event that doles out warm fuzzies by the dozen.

The lovely Jill at Jillian's Books is actually hosting a Blogger Positivity Event this month, which is an AWESOME idea and EVERYONE should participate! If planning an event is too much effort, take part in these things whenever you can! Spread the love and hugs because EVERY book blogger deserves it!

#7 And finally, do to others as you would have done to you.

This is basically all the above points wrapped up in one. Always go out of your way to be nice to book bloggers and your blogging friends. Are you feeling jealous of a blogger? Think about how hard they must have worked to be so successful. Admire them for that! Do you have a touch of ARC envy? Think about how excited they must be to have that ARC. Don't you love it when someone compliments the way you review/write? Tell other bloggers what you like about their writing.

And above all, be sincere and don't burn yourself out! Just take the opportunities you get to be nice and spread the love! Keep the drama and envy to a minimum, and remember, we're all here to have fun! Have FUN doing what you love doing, and never make it into a job or something that makes you stressed and angry!

And now that I've finished sounding like a girl scout telling you how to make the blogosphere a happy place, GO AHEAD!! GO FORTH AND DISTRIBUTE HUGS, UNICORNS, RAINBOWS AND SPARKLES!! I'm counting on you.

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