Review: The Fire Sisters (A Great Conclusion To The Brilliant Darkness Series!)

Sunday, October 4, 2015
The Fire Sisters Review Cover

The Fire Sisters (Brilliant Darkness Book #3) by AG Henley
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: Sept. 25th 2015
Genres: Dystopian
*Thanks to the author for the eARC given in exchange of an honest review*
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I loved the previous two books of The Brilliant Darkness series, although, if I had it my way, it would've ended with Book #2, Peree and Fenn happily bonded, with a nice neat epilogue where we get to meet their kids. But unfortunately, since the world actually does NOT happen to be a wish-granting factory, I will have to be satisfied with this thrilling conclusion to a great series.

what i loved

The characters. SO WELL DEVELOPED. I loved how Fenn changed so much from the first book, becoming a great leader, forging a strong relationship with Peree, and becoming so much stronger as a character. Her leadership skills really show up in this book, and I loved her strength.

Peree, unfortunately, was not very important to this book. I was a teensy bit disappointed because, come one, WE NEED MORE PEREE. But in a way, it was also fabulous because while I really enjoyed the way Peree and Fenn;s relationship strengthened their characters, I also love how Fenn began to develop on her own.

Plus, Peree was so sweet and supportive in this book that I can overlook it.

Now, Kai was a character who I really liked finding more about. At first, her constant jealousy, stubbornness and overall unreasonableness (wow, is that actually a word? That wavy red line isn't appearing under it. Must be a word) . But we do get to see her backstory, and although i don't like any more than I did at first, at least a kind of understand her hostility now. Kind of.

The plot. Okay, so like I said, this installment of the series is totally unnecessary. All the conflict that surrounded the first two books was not present in this one, because it was resolved what feels like ages ago in the previous books. The Fire Sisters takes on a completely new plotline, and kind of feels like it was mostly written to find out more about Kai and see more of Fenn's character development rather than extend the plot and conflict of the earlier books.

I didn't like the fact that the plotline was so different, but that didn't stop me from liking the storyline itself.

The Fire Sisters and the action. The Sisters were pretty awesome, and I loved their Amazonian society. They were pretty fierce and stubborn, and I thought this book had a good, balanced action. The Sisters did kind of annoy me with their obstinacy and their absolute refusal to see things in any way except theirs, but they kind of had my respect because they were so strong and THEY HAD A MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY WHICH I HAVE NEVER READ ABOUT.

what could have been better graphic

The romance. Okay, now I'm all for YA books that feature little to no romance, but since both The Scourge and The Defiance were so focused on the romance, I was expecting WAY more Fenn/Peree moments than what I got. I wanted heart-melting scenes that gave me all the feels, just like in the first two books, and all I got was...this. I'm a teeny bit disappointed.

The pacing. I don't what it was about The Fire Sisters, but sometimes I felt that things needed to be moving a little faster than they were. I was slightly bored at places, just waiting for the characters to stop talking so much and do something!

overall graphic

The Fire Sisters was a satisfying conclusion to The Brilliant Darkness trilogy, and while it wasn't all that I was expecting, I still enjoyed it very much. I loved meeting all the characters again, and while I would have liked a bit more Fenn/Peree, there was still plenty of action and intrigue. 

Four star rating

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