Mini Reviews (In Which I Review Many "Meh" Books)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
I am being horribly lazy with posts lately, and I'm SO sorry! I wish I could tell you guys that I'll post more often, but, as they say, it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm so sorry!

BUT, looking at the slightly brighter side, I haven't disappeared quite yet, so don't worry, I'll hang on! For the time being, here are some mini reviews.

*Thanks to Netgalley and the respective publishers for the eARCs*

Gilded By Christina Farley
I loved the Korean mythology in this. It certainly was something new, and Jae was a spunky protagonist, although sometimes prone to being extremely stupid. Marc, on the other hand was very, very boring. I can find nothing interesting about him. The plot was decent, too, with quite a few good twists thrown in. The fact that no one would tell Jae what was going on, though, was annoying. I am sick to death of this trope. Seriously. Overall, entertaining, but not great.

There was nothing in this book that I haven't seen before in dozens of other urban fantasy books. I'm really tired of the same tropes that are rehashed, with just different supernatural happenings. I want something NEW, people, and this book  didn't have what I was looking for. The plot, characters, everything was okay, really. But nothing very original. You have "The Chosen One" cliche, the standard "Good Guy - Bad Boy" love triangle, and countless other things that I've seen plenty of times before.

It's A Wonderful Death by Sarah J. SchmittNow this book certainly had many surprising twists, and it was very entertaining. The MC is rather insufferable at times (though that's kind of the whole point of the book), and a lot of people might be put off by her arrogance and selfishness, but I stuck through, all the same, and I liked how the author played with a lot of whimsical concepts. While it needs a lot of suspension of disbelief, the novel was, overall pretty good. The supporting cast is utterly fabulous, though, and almost makes up for the novel's shortcomings.

This is definitely one of those "darker" contemporaries, and while I'm okay with dark (I absolutely LOVED Romancing The Dark by Ann Jacobus), there's only so much of negativity I can take. Finding Hope is just one depressing situation after the other, and while this might  work for some people, it's a turn off for me. The characters were fairly realistic, the "romance" downright annoying, and while this book might work for some people, it's too depressing for me.

So there we are. The reason I couldn't do full reviews for all of these was that they were all very "meh" for me, hovering around 2.5 and 3.5 stars. None of them evoked much emotion or brought out any fangirl feels, but were not terrible all the same. And we all know how hard it is to review those types of books!

are you planning on reading any of these books? don't you hate feeling "meh" about books you were looking forward to? can you possibly forgive me for being so terrible at posting regularly? pretty please :) ?

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