The One Lovely Blog Award (In Which I Talk Like A Twentieth-Century Citizen)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Thank you so much, Marian, for nominating me for this award!

So, as is often required of me when nominated for a blog award, I shall herewith declare THE RULES (also, I am experimenting with this new writing style. It's only temporary, so please indulge me.) 

  1. Extend your most heartfelt gratitude towards the dear soul who nominated you
  2. Declare the rules and most brazenly flaunt the award
  3. State seven facts about thyself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and divulge the details of your nomination
  5. Put on display the glorious evidence of your nominations (i.e, award badge/logo) and follow the gracious soul who deemed your blog worthy of nomination (i.e, the person who nominated you, although if I tag you. this step is not mandatory)

Seven Facts Regarding Myself That You Are Required To Know Of

  1. As of late, I have been holding Twitter in the highest regard, since it is only in the recent times have I discovered its utter efficacy. (Meaning: I LOVE TWITTER NOW!)
  2. I have had the truly wondrous fortune of discovering not one, but THREE other Sri Lankan bloggers over the course of the past three months, discoveries which have surprised me and produced no end of pleasure.
  3. My friend, who I consider the most kindred of spirits, has at long last returned to the country after a prolonged time in Great Britain, and I eagerly await discussing bookish matters in her company.
  4. I have come to find that searching for random facts about oneself is incessantly tiring.
  5. After long last, I deigned to join the fandom passionately dedicated to Sarah J. Maas. (Meaning: I read Throne of Glass. Finally!)
  6. The subject upon which I ;avish the most favour would be English.
  7. I am of a slightly rebellious nature, so I shall refuse to state the 7th fact. Unless you will consider this to BE a fact.
 My Glorious Nominees Upon Whom I Shall Bestow The Gift Of Nomination are listed below.

Kate L

My nominees shall not be required of doing this tag lest they do not feel like it. I wish you a pleasant day!

*Apologies out to any folk from the early twentieth/late nineteenth century. All mistakes are completely mine and done out of ignorance. Please don't take it to heart. (You know who you are)*

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