Book Blogger Interviews #4: Kate from Read and Dream!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hi, everyone! I know I haven't been so active lately, and I apologize for that! 

So, today we have Kate from Read and Dream. She has a lovely blog, and her use of gifs are spot on. Go check it out!

 Here are my questions and answers from Kate:

1. Hi, Kate! It's lovely to have you here in my blog today! My first question: what is your most desperately wished-for book in your TBR (that you don't own, of course) at this moment?

Hi Ranu! Thank you for having me on your blog! My most desperately wished-for book right now would be All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It’s set in Nazi Germany (love love love) and won the Pulitzer award so I’m guessing it’s a great book. I think I may just have to purchase the book (I normally borrow from the library) because all 152 copies at my library are checked out right now. It’s intense.

2. If you were stuck in spaceship about to explode/crash (probably due to a Dalek attack), which character would you rather have with you?

Oh gosh, can I just have like a crew on board with me? If I had to choose though, I would say Megan, from Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, because she has (I won’t spoil the book) some amazing capabilities. Oh, and Hermione is always great to have around. :)

3. What type of posts do you most love to write for your blog?

I love discussion posts, or in my blog’s case “Talkin’ About” posts because there are a lot of book-related things that are interesting and relatable that other people have noticed as well, and it really gives a chance to connect with other bloggers.

4. If you could spend an entire day with an author, hanging out with him/her, who would you choose?

THIS IS TOO HARD. AHH. Well first and foremost, of course J.K. Rowling, but because that is probably impossible, Jenny Han. I’ve had the chance to meet her in person and she is just the greatest. ,

5. What is your opinion on love triangles?

If written correctly, I think that they are fine and sometimes even interesting. Because the truth is, people are attracted to more than one person in real life so I think it can happen. As long as it’s not redundant and cliche, I like love triangles.

6. Do you fluently speak any other language besides English?

Yes! I speak Korean completely fluently and am currently learning French.

7. You get to go on ONE date with ONE fictional character. Who would you choose?

I would say Draco Malfoy, but the character himself isn’t very attractive...Tom Felton is a different story haha. So I would probably choose Fred Weasley (RIP). Our ship name would be FATE!!

8. Do you have any reading habits? What's your weirdest?

Hmm...I love the smell of books, and if a book smells good, I have to read it. So I’ll often subtly just smell the pages of books I read...usually not in front of others though.

9. What's your favourite genre? Tell me ONE reason why you like it the best.

Contemporary or Realistic Fiction. I have always loved stories that I could picture happening somewhere around the world this second, and I think that contemporary books always have the more meaningful, thought-provoking concepts in them.

10. And finally, are you a crier? Do many beautiful moments in books make you tear up, or does your face look like a stone wall whatever the circumstances the characters are in?

It definitely depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll have a terrible day and I’ll start to read something really devastating and I’ll cry my heart out. Other times main characters will die and I’ll be like “Oh well, I saw that coming.” Like in Deathly Hallows Part 2, I bawled. In TFIOS I was unnerved.

Again, thank you so much for having me! This was so fun!

Thank you, too, Kate! I loved having you on my blog. And if anyone else interested in participating, send me a DM on Twitter! (@Ranu_96)

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