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Monday, August 24, 2015

I haven't done a book tag in a long time. A very long, LONG time. A longness that I'm quite ashamed of. So, thank you, Claudia, for FINALLY tagging me and the ending that terrible longness! (I don't care that longness isn't word. Deal with it).

Let's get on with the tag!

A book that has sweetness written all over it

Hmm. I think this calls for a cutesy contemporary. Not my strongest genre, unfortunately, but...

Let It Snow is full of fluff and sweetness, and made me feel warm inside, just like brownies.

A book that surprised you.

Now THIS was what I expected to be a cutesy romance, but actually, it wasn't just that. There were so many other themes in this book, and that surprised me.

A book that made your head hurt

Weirdly, I have never got brainfreeze, so my head has actually never hurt when I eat ice cream, plus, I LOVE ICE REAM. Why would it make my head hurt?
There are so many POVs, and since the chapters weren't helpfully divided among them, the switches made my head hurt. Add about four different timelines to THAT, and you'd rather have actual brainfreeze than keep up with everything.

A book that had lots of layers in it.

I've never actually eaten s'mores. What can I say? Not all of us are Americans.
There are no villains in this book, only a bunch of mentally and emotionally unstable people running around with daggers that allow you to travel through different dimensions. There are so many layers, motives, and you really can't point out a "bad guy". Or maybe that's because all the characters really need to get some help.

A book that made you fall in love with reading

No image for this one. I can't really say which book drew me into reading because that was a LONG time ago, but I'd say all the Enid Blyton books,maybe.

A book that had a sour-ish tang

I like the Delirium, thought Pandemonium was okay, but this book? The ending and the way a certain character behaved left a sour feeling.

And that's it! Thanks again to Claudia over at Penmarkings (you should totally go visit. She does amazing art). I'm going to tag:

And if YOU aren't tagged and want to do it, go right ahead, but don't forget to leave a link so I can read your post :)

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