Mini Reviews, Science Fiction Edition

Saturday, August 29, 2015
*These are all Netgalley titles provided in exchange of an honest review. Book covers are linked to their Goodreads pages.

The Body Institute by Carol Riggs. The concept of the book is pretty cool, although weird, but I think it could have been pulled off better. Think about it; if someone found a way to transfer minds across different bodies, wouldn't that technology be used for something a bit more exciting than...weight loss? I get that the obsession with being the "right weight" is a part of the world-building, but is that it? Seriously?The characters were okay, but bland. Morgan comes off as a bit of a Mary Sue sometimes, and Vonn was severely lacking in development. I could also never actually figure out the conflict or the antagonist in the books and there were loads of very grey areas. Again. this would have been nice if the author pulled it off properly.
2.5/5 stars

The Edge if Me by Jane Brittan 
*Minor spoilers ahead*.I DNFed this one. My main problem with this was my inability to suspend my disbelief. Everything that happens in this book occurs for no apparent reason, characters act with no apparent motive or sensible reason, and nothing is ever bloody explained. I have no idea why Joe would go after Sanda when she was kidnapped. Yeah, so he likes her, but they've known each other, what, two days? If some guy I liked was accosted on the street and kidnapped, I wouldn't jump in straight after the kidnappers! Panic and call the police, yes, but follow them into certain doom? For some person I barely knew? I don't think so. It sounds cold and unromantic, but that's that.   


Broken Lies by Claire Vale. Usually, I love dystopia. But this one was pretty meh for me. The world-building could have been stronger, and the plot a bit more original. This felt a bit formulaic to me. The romance (or lack thereof) was annoying, with Lake pining after Ash when there were more important things to worry about. The characters were strong, though, and the romance definitely [icked up near the end, but that was a bit too late for me. For the most part of the book, I felt like I was forcing myself through it, hoping it would get better. And it DID, but it wasn't enough. Overall, an okay read, with a plot, romance and characters that get better towards the end, but not the mind-blowing dystopia I would have liked.3/5 stars

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