How To Read A Completely Awesome Book Like A Real Booknerd

Friday, July 24, 2015

1. When you first get the book, take some time to admire the cover and smell the awesomeness of actually holding the book in your hand (ebook readers may skip this section).

2. Start reading. And don't worry about falling in love with the main characters. That is a well-known side-effect of serious reading.

3. Get immersed in the world-building, the characters, the action and the writing style. Normal life and socialising can wait.

4. Become totally overwhelmed in feels as the author's writing just completely takes you over.

5. And then shake with righteous fury and disbelief as she/he kills your favourite character/rips apart your OTP/ lets the villain win. I'm looking at you, Marie Lu, and you, Suzanne Collins.

6. Finish reading.

7. Break down. It doesn't matter if you look crazy.

8. Fangirl without shame.

9. Book-push the novel at your non-bookworm friends so much that they eventually dial the local psychiatric hospital.


10. Eventually accept that none of your non-bookish friends will recognize the book as the awesomeness that it is, and retire to social media.

11. Congratulations! You have now finished the experience of reading a completely awesome book Like A Real Booknerd.

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