Review: The Corridor by A.N. Willis

Monday, June 8, 2015
The Corridor by A.N.Willis
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Release date: June 23rd 2015
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Stel Alaster has never known life without the Corridor. It appeared suddenly seventeen years ago, the only portal to a parallel version of our world—Second Earth. Everyone on First Earth fears Mods, the genetically modified Second Earthers who built the Corridor. They are too smart, too strong, and have powers that can’t be controlled. Any Mod found on First Earth is branded, then detained in the Corridor’s research labs.
Only Stel has a dangerous secret. She has a power, too: She can open a portal to Second Earth . . . and several other parallel universes she’s discovered. If anyone ever finds out, she’ll be imprisoned, no better than a Mod or common lab rat.
But when the Corridor starts to fail, emitting erratic bursts of energy that could destroy First Earth, Stel must risk everything to save the people and world she loves. With the help of an escaped Mod and an infuriatingly arrogant boy from a third universe, Stel sets out to unravel the mysteries of the Corridor and stabilize it before it’s too late. The fate of every world lies in the balance. . . .

*An advanced copy of this book was given to me through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Have you ever finished a book, put it down, and then wanted to scream out loud in agony because the characters and the plot and the ending were so marvellously, amazingly good? This book certainly made me feel that way.

So where do I start? I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book. To begin with, it was science fiction. Very few people can pull of science fiction to be as engaging and thrilling as The Corridor without boring the reader to death with huge info-dumps which only manage to confuse everyone.

First of all, I loved the premise of this book. It's set in the future, where scientists have discovered a portal, which they call a corridor, that can take you to to an alternate Earth (Second Earth). It was absolutely fantastic how the author explains the theory without making it too complicated or taking too long. It was also believable. This book embodies how YA science fiction should be written.

The, the characters. All of them had so much depth, and were three-dimensional. Our protagonist, Stel, was brave and kind and just so relatable! I loved the way she saved Ana, and also the relationship they built slowly. Ana was my favourite secondary character.

Oh, and let's not forget Cohl. I seriously haven't met such a swoonworthy, complex and broody character since Will Herondale! One of the best things about Cohl was the different ways in which he was portrayed. There was Cohl the Major Jerk, angry Cohl, mysterious Cohl, broody Cohl and happy, relaxed Cohl. I love it when authors do that; letting us see the different sides to a character at different times, and making us love them as a whole.

Lastly, the plot. This book just threw huge plot twists at me over and over again, yet didn't confuse me or give me the feeling that it was too fast-paced. There were no places which dragged or just had pages and pages of boring, confusing exposition..

The Corridor is a perfect book for science fiction lovers and everyone who enjoys an action-packed, engaging book with a spunky female lead and fantastic supporting characters. Highly recommended.

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