New Month, New Beginnings + Opportunity For Fellow Book Bloggers!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Half of the year has already passed! Is that unbelievable or what? It has been an incredible six months of blogging for me and so far, I've been enjoying it so much. I met lovely bunch of new people who share my obsession with books, I helped to spread the word about new releases, was tagged for lots of fun book tags, and discovered a whole lot of amazing authors! As much as I'd like to host a glamourous giveaway for all my wonderful followers, I can't do that right now (Super-sad face) but maybe for my one-year-blogoversary?

Anyway, I still wanted to have something special for you guys, since the best part of book blogging has been YOU. So let me introduce my new feature... Blogger Interviews! Okay, so I need a better name for it, and the idea is still in progress, but basically, I want to interview my fellow book bloggers here in my blog. I really want to get to know everyone better, and I think this is a great way.

I'm not at all sure if any one of you want to participate. and I'm going to venture into this new project with fingers crossed! If you want to participate in this new feature, drop me an email at my address:

Or DM me on Twitter. I'm looking forward to your responses!

Oh, and before you go, I'd love it if you fill out this survey form. (Go on, it'll only take a few minutes. Pretty please?)

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