Real Books Vs. Ebooks - Which Do You Like?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

In a day and age of when everyone likes to argue about everything (including the colour of a certain blue and black dress), it shouldn't come as a surprise that the introduction of ereaders became the topic of much controversy in the bookish world. Since I know what both reading experiences are like, I decided to come up with a list of what I like about each.


1. Accessibilty. Your favourite bookshop doesn't have the book you were dying to read?  Just go for a virtual shopping trip on Amazon, and there you have it! Seriously, the reason I have so many books on my Kindle (more books than on my actual bookshelf) is because of this. I have access to so many books I otherwise wouldn't!

2. Digital dictionary. The dictionary on my Kindle is SO useful to me! I hate not knowing the meaning of a word. My ignorance will keep bugging me until I have a proper definition. On the other hand, I don't want to put down a perfectly good book, hunt down a dictionary and put my reading on hold trying to find the definition. With my Kindle, I only have to guide the cursor to the word, and the Oxford Dictionary of English very obligingly gives me the definition.

3. Price. Ebooks are cheaper. Granted, sometimes there's only a two-dollar difference, but there are so many ebooks which are at least six dollars cheaper. Not to mention all the self-published freebies.

4. Practicality. Have you ever contemplated for hours which books you might take on a trip or holiday? Ever painstakingly chose about five books you think you might enjoy? Mood readers like me find it especially hard. Beforehand, I might choose some books, and then once I've left home, settled down in a comfy place to open a book and read, I discover I don't feel like readong that particular book.. When I take my Kindle, I have 300+ books I could choose from, and they all weigh less than an average paperback.

This... or that?

Hardcover and paperback books

1. THE SMELL. I love, love, love the smell of new books (what kind of bookworm doesn't!?),

2. The Feel. I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but I love stroking the covers and pages of a brand-new, beautiful book.

3. I feel safer with physical book. I know I'll always have it. With my Kindle, I'm always haunted by the terrifying possibility of it breaking. About four hundred books, gone!
4. I can let my friends borrow them. I know some people are afraid they're books will be damaged if they lend the books, but all my friends know how important it is to me that the books stay in prime condition, and I just really want them to experience the pure joy I did when reading a particularly good book.

So there you go. My reasons for liking ebooks are very practical, and I was very sentimental about the paperback/hardbacks. I really can't decide which is better, all factors considered, but I'm happy enough without choosing one. 

What about you? Do you prefer one over the other? Why? Are you undecided, like me? Share your thoughts below! 


  1. I love the practicality of my ereader, it's so easy to just have all my books in one place. However, there are so many times when my friends have wanted to borrow books, but couldn't because it was on my ereader. So I'm torn.

  2. Awesome discussion post! I prefer my Kindle because I love being able to one-click books on Amazon! I could want to read something at 3am and just download it in an instant! I also am able to carry a whole library of books in one device! Way more practical than carrying a ton of books in my purse. (:

    I do enjoy the smell of new books and the feeling of cracking the spine open for the first time, though. (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

    1. One-click buying can be dangerous. Once I accidentally bought a book I didn't like! :)

  3. Strangely, I don't own an e-reader. But I have read books in that form, and I've got to say I still love hard copies. Especially the smell...and I feel much more happy reading hard copies. Great post!

    1. Try out a Kindle or a Nook. You might like it! :)

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog through Bloggers Commenting Back, and I first wanted to say good luck on your exams, since I saw your post about taking them!

    As for this post, your points, as usual with e-books vs. physical books posts, are spot-on. I don't have an e-reader, but if I were to get one, a big motivation would be the ability to look up words. I hate seeing a word I don't know and being too lazy to look it up or not having access to a dictionary! But I feel like I focus so much better with physical books - I guess I associate electronics with skimming, like on Twitter.

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