Review: Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Sunday, February 1, 2015
Mila was never supposed to remember her past, or know what lurked beneath her synthetic skin. She was never meant to learn that she was "born" in a secret computer science lab and programmed with superhuman skills. But when a group of hooded men show up on her doorstep, hoping to strip her of her advanced technology, she has no choice but to run for her life. In every direction there are dangerous people, hunting her down. They will do whatever it takes to capture Mila, including hurting the people she cares about most.

The first thing that cried out to me when I saw this book was the cover (well, that, and the 50% discount given for it). I mean, come on. Look at it. Isn't it the most utterly gorgeous cover you've ever seen? (It looks even better on my paperback). I was never one to take the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" too literally. 
What makes me absolutely fangirl over this book was the fact that the story was completely up to the standard of that lovely cover. You need to read this NOW.
Mila is a (supposedly) normal, sixteen-year-old girl who had just lost her father in an accident. That is, until, she finds out all her memories are fake and that she is a super-secret weapon built by the government. More precisely, a military android with AI, designed to kill. I loved Mila's character. Snarky, honest, spunky and with good sense. She was a refreshment after Eve (Anna Carey). 
I think the whole "I'm not human" conflict she has with herself was executed very well. She didn't go on for ages and ages about it (unlike some very angsty female protagonists with the same problem). She dealt with it very reasonably and didn't lose her head.
The plot of this book was so intense that I just had to keep on reading. I finished this book in a day, unable to put it down.
 I really liked how everything was not focused around Hunter.  Most YA books seem to revolve around angsting over boys, but in Mila 2.0, there was actually more action than angst, which was really cool to discover. Not that I'm against swoony romances, but too much of anything is bad for you (or in the very least, boring).
Who do I recommend this to?
Lovers of sci-fi and action thrillers with fall head over heels with this book. The plot will keep you turning pages until the very end, and Mila will have you cheering her on. Read this book!

Final Rating:

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