Review: Damselfly by Jennie Bates Bozic

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
In 2065, the Lilliput Project created Lina - the first six-inch-tall winged girl - as the solution to a worldwide energy and food crisis. Isolated in a compound amidst the forests of Denmark, Lina has grown up aware of only one purpose: learn how to survive in a world filled with hawks, bumblebees, and loneliness. However, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she discovers that she’s not the only teenager her size. Six 'Toms' were created shortly after Lina, and now her creators need to prove to the world that tiny people are the next logical step in human evolution. In other words, they need to prove that reproduction is possible.Um. No thanks. Lina's already fallen in love with a boy she met online named Jack. Only he has no idea that thumbelina1847 could literally fit inside his heart.
When her creators threaten to hurt Jack unless she chooses a husband from among the ‘Toms’, Lina agrees to star in a reality TV series. Once the episodes begin to air, the secret of her size is out. Cut off from any contact with the outside world, Lina assumes Jack is no longer interested. After all, what guy would want to date a girl he can’t even kiss?
Slowly, very slowly, she befriends the six young men who see her as their only ticket to happiness. Perhaps she can make just one guy’s dream of love and companionship come true. But her creators have a few more twists in store for her that she never thought possible.
She’s not the only one playing to the cameras.

This was a very fun read. It isn't that deep or thoughtful, and it doesn't particularly draw you in, but it's not by any means a bad book. The blurb looks quite interesting, now that I've read it (the blurb, I mean, not the book. I've fallen into the habit of diving headfirst into a book without reading the summary because they're ebooks and you can't exactly flip it over to read the blurb. It never tells you much anyway. But I digress). Here are some things that gained my interest:

The whole idea of  Thumbelina (Lina to you and me) and the Toms.  It was a very original idea. I mean, genetically engineered, six-inch peoples? Wow. Never seen that one before. It certainly is a refreshment from all the tropes you usually get. And a reality romance show to boot? It keeps getting better.

Jack.  Jack was actually not present much in the first half of the book, only having the duration of a short memory in the beginning of each chapter, but I love that the author has still managed to show us enough of  Jack's character from those brief snippets to really get to know him.

Row. I ship Lina/Jack with all my heart, but Row is such a sweetheart! He's funny, he's optimistic, he's gentle, and he exclaims a lot!
"Well, you've got him pegged already!," Row says. "Very perceptive!"
I'm beginning to wonder if Row should be renamed Mark. Short for Exclamation Mark. 

Perry. Ooh. Every book needs a dash of tall, dark, and mysterious, and Perry brings it in!

I didn't like the plot that much. I felt that there could have been more. There were these little adventures Lina would have that makes your heart race, but then something happens that is a little anti-climactic. The pacing was a funny mixture of fast and too slow. I liked the ending, though. There's hope, and happiness and anxiety and uncertainty. But the epilogue could have been better.
Final reaction:
Ranu approves.

Who do I recommend it to?
Sci-fi fans who are looking for a bit of originality and love fangirling over adorable characters. Plot isn't fantastic, but it's not terrible, either. 
Final rating:


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  4. I have read a lot of re-tellings but I never read a re-telling about Thumbelina before. So, this definitely makes me curious. I think that engineering little people who are only 6 inches is definitely a fresh idea too. Hahah Row definitely sounds very exclamative in his talks. xD I am looking for originality so I will definitely have a lookout for this book. :)