Those Simple Moments

Friday, January 9, 2015

One of the things I experience as an avid reader and writer is that I notice stuff. I realize stuff. One moment, I'm enjoying a simple moment, maybe with a cup of something warm in my hand, and BAM! I'm struck with sudden insight. I'm on a car ride home late at night with the window down and the wind whistling in my face, and I'm gripped with an exceptional idea. With these sudden ideas come the immediate need to write them down; share them with other people; maybe make a blog post about it. So I did just that.

Ever gazed up at a clear night sky, noticed the glimmering stars, and realized the beauty of it all? The enormity of it all? Each tiny spark up there more than a thousand times bigger than the Earth. And there are hundreds of them dotting the sky. You may not see them all, but they're there.
Each star is light years away from the Earth. In fact, if you want to be scientific, Alpha Centauri (the nearest star to our planet) is 4.37 light years away (about 25 trillion miles). Now that's crazy far. And yet, we see plenty of stars shining every night. These flaming balls of gas, so seemingly small, so unreachable, so distant, are able to take my breath away.

Ever sighed to yourself, just relishing the beauty, the simplicity of life? Ever just appreciate the stark yet beautiful, empty yet abounding; the marvellously contradictory enigma we call the universe?

And all of this just hit me on a late-night ride home. Not a particularly significant moment. Just a simple, peaceful one. It's moments like these which are precious. Those times when all your problems and worries just fade away, leaving you with the scope to realize just how awesome life is.

Dear reader, I don't know what your opinion on life is. Maybe you liked the whimsical ramblings of this post. Maybe you agree with me wholeheartedly. Or maybe you think everything I have said is just utter crap. I don't know. My view on life is still young, fresh, malleable. But what I do know is that I shall always, always appreciate those simple moments. 


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  2. Ah, those moments! I appreciate your views. Great minds think alike 😄