Always Time to Read

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Yesterday, my friend, a fellow booknerd, mentioned to me that she didn't have time to read. When I asked her why, she replied that she was too busy with the stuff she had to do. I wondered at this, because I always found time to read, and I had an equal amount of homework to do and classes to attend to (plus this blog, which takes up a surprising amount of my time :)).Loads of other stuff take up my day, too, yet reading is something I do everyday. In fact, there isn't a day in which I don't read. 

And that started me thinking about how we should all do at least one thing we love, everyday. It just puts that extra bit of joy and delight in our life. Maybe you love cooking, or gardening, or wasting your social life on Tumblr. Anything that relaxes you and makes you feel happy.

Reading gives me a bliss that I can't otherwise find in my daily life. Starting a new chapter in anticipation of what happens next, laughing and crying with the characters, reveling in the beautiful prose or those unexpected plot twists simply make my day. This is why I love reading.

 No matter how busy it gets, no matter how much of homework I have piling up, no matter how many classes I need to go to, I will always use at least half-an-hour to read. It's simply something I always do. The possibility of not doing it just doesn't occur to me.

So, my readers, do YOU have something you seem to be addicted to? Something you just have to do everyday? Do you, like me, use every moment that can be spared (and some that can't! ) to read? Comment below with your answers!


  1. Well, I know who this "Friend of yours" is ;) Well, I try to dig up as much time as possible. Eleven shiny new books waiting to be read on my shelf!